To start using the panel ON/OFF scheduling, first the panel monitoring must be enabled. Follow the instructions to Setup Panel Monitoring

Once the panel monitoring is set up, a "Command Schedule" can be used to schedule when the panel should be ON and OFF. The EnGage player can send control commands to the panel and query the panel's state. Although the term "ON" and "OFF" is used, the panel is really just being put into stand-by mode (OFF) and woken up from stand-by mode (ON).

Create a new "Command Schedule" in the Management->Site section of EnGage. Add a "Day" to the area on right area of the screen.

Open up the "Default Commands" folder and then the "Panel" folder. Drag the "Panel On" command into the day. Set the time of day of which the panel should turn ON, on the command. Drag the "Panel Off" command into the day. Set the time of day which the panel should turn OFF, on the command.

Save the Command Schedule. Assign the Command Schedule to the desired site and publish the Command Schedule.