Any site/s that are to play OSM must contain the OSM widget in the program.  Once a timetable is published to a site/s the OSM widget and OSM.ini file must be downloaded and "Available for Playback" to properly communicate with published content within the OSM Dashboard.  

If either of these files are not downloaded to a site/s player, the OSM content will not display.  To check if your player/s have these files, click a site and then the content tab for that player, see below.

All OSM content is scheduled and published within the OSM dashboard.  A site/s player must be connected for OSM messages to be published to your screen.  If you player is disconnected, OSM messages will not display.  

To republish OSM messages, log into your OSM account.  URL: ( for EnGage and for VAR)

Choose the site/s for which you are not seeing content display and republish the schedule.   Once a green "Published" appears on the bottom of the screen, OSM content should begin to download to the player/s and then display on the screen.