If your screen is not showing the correct content, first check whether the player is connected or not.  If a player is disconnected, it cannot get the latest content that had been assigned to it.  To check connection, choose the site and check the connection status within the Overview tab. See below an example of a disconnected player with a disconnect time stamp for reference.  When your player connects, it will automatically download missing content and return to normal playback.

There are three ways to get content on your screen through EnGage programming:

a.) Files placed within programming

b.) OSM content published through the OSM dashboard

c.) RSS or other feeds that constantly update though an internet connection

a.)  Check the Content tab for a site to determine if the player has all necessary content.  See below the status of content labeled "Available for Playback".  If the status says "Awaiting Download", the player has yet to download content, which could affect playback.  Lastly, the status could be "Unconfirmed" implying that your player is currently in the process of checking what content is has and what it needs to download.  Refresh to see an updated status for all content.

Check the Timetable and Program assigned and published to your player.  Click a the assignments tab and see the name of your timetable and the last published date time stamp.  An incorrect timetable, holding a program could cause the wrong content on your screen to display. If the timetable has been updated and has not been republished to your site, the player will not play the correct content.  Refer to the time stamp to ensure the latest version of your timetable and programming is on your player.  If the correct timetable is published, the next step is to check the program on your player.

Follow these steps to check your timetable and programming:

1.) Identify timetable, seen here as "Welcome Timetable"

2.) Go to the Studio tab and locate this exact timetable.

3.) Find the program assigned to this timetable.  See below, "Welcome Program" is located on the "Welcome Timetable".

Note: Not all timetables and programs have the same names.  Always check the timetable to see which program/s it has to locate the exact program content.

4.) Locate the program associated with the timetable within the Studio - Programs tab.

5.) After located the program associated with the timetable at your site, edit the program to view the files programmed within it.  If there are files within the program on your player, you will be able to identify them here.  Right click the program to make any edits.  republish the timetable to your player to update the content running on your screen.

b.)  If the incorrect content on your screen is OSM content.  Log into the OSM dashboard, choose your site from the drop down and view the messages published to your screen.  If those messages are not displaying on the screen.  Go to the schedule tab, click Save and Publish.  You will be prompted to enter your password. (content running on your screen through OSM is referred to as messages)  Refer to the Why are the OSM messages not display FAQ solution for more troubleshooting steps with OSM content.

c.) There are different types of feeds available to you which displays updated content hourly or daily.  For example, a RSS feed will constantly update content on your screen as long as it is connected to the internet.  If a feed is programed to display on your screen and it is blank, the feed is not downloading to your player.  Check a site's content tab to see if the feed widget and fileter associated with it are both downloaded to the player within teh content tab.

Note: If the feed keeps displaying the same news, text, or media there may be an issue with the feed itself.