The command schedule automatically turns panels on and off. 

There are two main reasons why a command schedule would not be working properly: 

a.) A site/s timezone is not set up properly

b.) The command schedule is wrong

First check a site's timezone by going a site's assignment tab and then site settings.  In the general tab, select the proper timezone for your site's location from the drop down. Click OK and republish Site Settings.

Command schedules are created and edited with the Management tab.  See the site tab and a command schedule folder below.  Locate the command schedule associated with your site and check to see that the constraints are set properly.  Click Edit to review current schedule.

There are two gears to consider when checking your command schedule.  The first is located at the top of the scheduler which give you the choice to pick specific constraints. Click the gear to edit.

Choose an option from the drop down.

The other gear is located to the right of the Panel On and Panel Off.  Use these gears to adjust time as seen below.

Note: Be sure to set proper time AM or PM.  

Click OK and schedule the new command schedule.

Note: You must republish the command schedule within the assignment tab of your site/s in order for the new edits to apply.

Assign the new command schedule.  Click OK and re-publish