Troubleshooting RS-232 Error (Panel status error)

Confirm that the player supports RS232 control for the assigned screen. Make sure you are using the correct type of RS232 cable (If you are not sure contact ComQi CSD). 

Examples of screens with supported RS232 control:

NEC V series

Panasonic TH-42LF30U

Philips BDL3245E

Samsung 320MPx series

If your screen is supported enable RS232 control in the Screen Settings assignment. If not, disable RS232 control.



Make sure that the RS232 cable is connected to the correct ports on the monitor (serial in) and player (serial out). Confirm that the screen is powered on. If not, power on the screen and check the site in EnGage for a “green” status. Note that it can take five to ten minutes for the status to update.

If the screen is on and the panel status error is still appearing, check the player logs to see if the player is sending panel on and off commands:

Purge the player logs and power cycle the player (Control tab in EnGage). Then check the site for a “green” site status.