What is a Dynamic Track?

The term Dynamic Content in EnGage refers to the use of Dynamic Tracks and tagged content.  The purpose of the dynamic track is to:

1. Play random content based on an available "pool" of tagged content. Content loops can be different for every loop but still playing back all the content.

2. Simplify content management and distribution by only needing to tag content. 

3. Content can be associated to play in close proximity to, or far from, other content in a loop using attractors and repulsors.

A dynamic track is a content widget that can be created in the Program Content library (in the Content tab). This Dynamic track has user generated tags associated. The content can then be tagged, with the same tags which creates the associated between the content and dynamic track.

Note: Only content within the "Dynamic Content" library can be tagged. 

See "Adding a Dynamic Track " for instructions on how to add a Dynamic Track.