When creating an OSM widget, consider two different playback options.  Below refer to the screen shot that has what the generic OSM widget options should be set as upon creation.

1.) OSM Widget Duration - The amount of time the OSM widget will pull content from the OSM dashboard and display messages.  If you are using an OSM only based program, be sure to set a duration longer than the longest message duration.  The message duration is the applied playback time of message. This is set within the OSM dashboard.  A message with a 10 seconds duration, will play for 10 seconds before moving onto the next message.  A good default OSM widget duration is 300 seconds.  If the OSM duration is set to a number of seconds, the OSM widget will play as many of the scheduled messages, in order, as possible without exceeding that duration. If your OSM widget duration is shorter than the amount of the total time of your OSM messages, only 300 seconds of OSM messages will display. Once the program plays the OSM widget track once more, the remainder of the messages will play.

2.) OSM Widget - Number of Messages.  If your programming is not OSM only, you can set a number of desired messages for playback. For example, if you have a total of 15 messages, but you set your OSM widget to play 5 messages at a time, then playback will reflect that by playing the first 5, the next 5 and the last 5 making its way through the entire OSM message loop. If the OSM widget is set to a number of messages, it will play that many messages for their full duration before proceeding to the next piece of content .