All zones within your program should labeled for two reasons: 1. Clear identification of what content belongs where on the screen and 2. The player needs to be able to identify where to send content when using OSM.

The OSM capability can now be applied to more than three zones.  So, labeling these zones is necessary when using OSM. (OSM will not function properly unless zone tags and created and applied to zones within the screen layout.

Create Zone Tags within EnGage. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Management tab

2. Select the Tags Tab

3. Click the Zone Tags category seen on the left under the Tag Management area

4. Once Zone Tags is selected, click the green plus sign within the tool task bar

5. Name the new zone tag

6. Repeat this process for each zone that you create within your screen layout.

Apply these tags to the zones within your screen layout.  Go to the Studio tab, then the Screen layouts sub tab.

Note: No screen layouts should be directly applied to a program from the Global Layout Folder. If you would like to use a screen layout from the Global Layout Folder, first copy a screen layout from the global layout to a different folder. Do this by selecting the layout and drag/drop into a new folder location. Then edit the screen layout by clicking the yellow gears within the zones and applying the Zone tag from the drop down as seen below.

Once your screen layout has labeled zone tags, apply it to your program.  Next, add these tags within your OSM account: Adding Zones Tags to OSM.