OSM must have zone tags applied to a screen layout within the program as well as in the OSM dashboard.  Once zone tags are created and applied to your screen layout by following this solution, Creating Zone Tags and Applying Them to a Screen Layout, we then have to create tags within the OSM account.  Log into your OSM account: Logging Into OSM.  

Go to the Admin tab and sub tab, Zone Management.  There click the Zone Folders seen bottom left.  Then, select the folder with the green plus sign in the task tool bar. Select the zone from the Zone Tag drop down. All zone tag options will reflect what you created in the main EnGage/Management/Tags area when labeling zone tags for a screen layout.  Enter the zone reference size. This is the size of the zone in the screen layout. Refer to your screen layout for the OSM program to determine size specifications.

Log out and back into OSM to see the zone labeling applied to the Messages and Schedule Tab.