To publish messages to your screen/s first choose the site or sites you want from the drop down in the top right.

Click the zone where you want to schedule messages, refer to Main Zone tab seen below.  Within the main messages folder, you will see the messages created within the Messages tab available for publish.

Note: Player must be connected to the internet in order for OSM messages to publish successfully.

1. Click and drag message into the scheduler

2. Click and drag messages into desired order of playback on the screen within the scheduler

3. Click Save

4. Click Publish and enter your OSM password to complete the publish.

Note: Any edits or changes applied to messages does not automatically update life in the field.  To ensure that the most recent messages are displayed on screen, remove them from the scheduler by clicking the red X and dragging them back into the scheduler.  Save and republish.

A successful publish will have the green text "Published" at the bottom of the scheduler.  Expect content on the screen to display within minutes.

To publish content to multiple screens, refer to the options in the drop down.  The site hierarchy will reflect the site set up in EnGage.

Once messages are published at a higher node level like the Chelsea node in the example above, all sites below with inherit those messages.  Inherited messages from a higher node level with appear in the OSM Dashboard with a light blue background.  Refer to Understanding the OSM Dashboard to see site level published messages and higher node multiple site published messages.