Synchronization allows content to play at the same exact time within two different zones. 

Refer to the Creating a Program solution to begin editing your program.

Follow these steps to synchronize two pieces of content in zones.

  1. Click and drag the orange puzzle piece from one zone to the other.  Below we are going to click and drag the puzzle piece form Zone A to Zone B.  Doing this will make Zone 1 content the Master and Zone 2 content the Slave.  Whenever a specific file plays in Zone 1, Zone 2 content will automatically sync in playback.

2. After syncing the puzzle piece in the zone title area, a blue M (Master) and green S (Slave) will appear.  The zones are now ready to allow the syncing of content.

3.  Click and drag a track's puzzle piece on top of another track's puzzle piece until you see a successful sync.  Refer to tracks 3 and 5 above.

Note: To ensure content playback remains perfectly synced as the program continues to play, set the slave content to have a longer duration than the master.  For example, a master file with a 10 sec should be synced up to a file with a 15 second duration.