Playlists are a reusable collection of content organized in a specific sequence.  Playlists are a group of files that can be placed as one unit in a program.

Begin by going to the Studio tab and then sub-tab Playlists.  Create a folder for organization by clicking the add folder icon seen as in the task tool bar with the green plus sign. Select the folder and click the create a playlist icon.

There are two types of playlists, widget and legacy.  

Widget Playlist - content changed within the playlist does not require re-publishing of the timetable, meaning content will change immediately once the playlist is edited and saved within the Studio tab.

Legacy Playlist - requires timetable re-publish to see changes on the screen.  Any edits made to this playlist are not automatic after the playlist has been saved.

Note: The widget playlist is seen below with a gold star on top of the playlist icon.

Add content to create your playlist.  The files will be grouped together and can be placed within a program as one unit.

Once the playlist is complete, edit your program and drag the playlist from the Playlists tab into a zone.  Now, when that track comes up in a program the group of files within that playlist will play.