Each account will use OSM in a unique way.  All content created in OSM is built from templates.  There are standard templates available to all users as well as custom templates client's have developed.  Standard templates can be uploaded by request and done by the ComQi content team. 

All templates must be uploaded into the OSM dashboard allowing users to create messages from these templates and publish messages to the screen.

Begin by saving the template on your desktop in the form of a zip as MessagePlayer.zip.  

Note: Custom template zips must be strictly re-named to this format in order to achieve a successful template upload.

Next, log into OSM and click the Admin tab.  Click the sub-tab, 'Templates'.  Choose the location where this template will go: Main, Side, or Banner zone.  Click the folder of that zone and upload the template by clicking the green upload arrow seen in the tool bar.  Choose the zip file from your desktop.  A window will display with the upload zip progress.

Once the template has been uploaded, name the template and save.

The template will now be located in the folder you choose to upload it to. See below Main Folder holding the ComQi Training template.

Note: Templates can be 'deactivated', restricting their use and blocking users from creating messages from that particular template.  See deactivate button below.

Users can now go the Messages tab and create a message from the uploaded template.