To show a different content asset (image or video) on each of the screens at the same time, there is a specific programming model that can be used. This is not the same as showing a content asset that spans all screens.  Use the “Full Screen” command to switch between the individual screen layout and content spanning all screens. 

To start, be sure the layout has a separate layout zone covering each screen. Use the screen arrangement stencil to align the layout zones over each screen in the screen arrangement. 

Create a new program in the Program Editor within the Studio section of EnGage. Refer to the Creating and Editing Programs  solutions. 

Each layout zone will have its own programming area. Drag the desired content into each programming area of each zone.  The content asset should be different in each zone.  

To have the content assets synchronized across all screens, start by designation one zone to be the Master zone.  Refer to the Synchronization solution.

  • Drag the puzzle piece icon on the Master zone to the puzzle piece icons in the Sync zones.  
  • Drag the puzzle piece icon on the content assets in the Master zone to the content asset, which the Master is to be synchronized with, in the Sync zones. 
  • Continue this process of adding content to the Master and Sync zones and adding the synchronization commands.

If the Synchronization commands are not added, there is no guarantee that the content assets will show on the screens at the same time. Be sure to set the Sync zone content assets to a slightly longer duration then the Master zone to avoid flashes between asset changes.