1. ComQi CSD will provide you with a link to download the CDAT file.

2. In EnGage, upload the CDAT file to Dynamic Content (Content tab).

3. A Campaign will be used to distribute the CDAT file to the player. In the Campaigns tab, create a campaign:

a) Step 1: The publish time and start time can be set to 12:01am of the current day, so the file gets to the player immediately. Make sure the end time falls after the upgrade is taking place

b) Step 2: Select the sites that require the CDAT file

c) Step 3: Select the CDAT file from Dynamic content

d) Save the campaign

Note that Campaigns take up to 30 minutes to process and the player will take some additional time to download the CDAT file.

4. When the CDAT file download is completed, navigate to the Players tab, select your player, navigate to the player’s Assignments tab, and from the Firmware assignments, assign the appropriate CDAT trigger:

R8.9.0/R8.9.1 upgrade from R8.7.4 8.9.0.GA should be used for all 8.9.x CDAT files

R8.11 upgrade from R8.9.x 8.11.0.GA should be used for all 8.12.x CDAT files

R8.14.0 upgrade from R8.x 8.14.0.GA  should be used for all 8.14.0 CDAT files

It’s very important that only one of these three assignments is used for CDAT upgrades. A regular firmware assignment will not work. If you are unsure of which of the two triggers to use, please contact ComQi CSD.

5. Schedule this assignment to publish at the time of your choosing, or publish it immediately. This publish will start the installation. The media player will appear as offline in the Sites tab while the installation takes place. The player will re-connect on its own. Do not interrupt the upgrade by rebooting or powering off the media player.


6. Check the firmware/image of the assigned player in the Sites/Overview tab to confirm that the installation was successful.