All reports can be displayed in four different formats, PDF Excel, Word and CSV (Comma separated values).

PDF (Portable Document Format): Selecting the PDF format requires that a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat be installed to view this report type. If so, this report will show in pop-up window within a web browser. This is a non-editable report best suited for being printed. 

Excel: Selecting the Excel format for a report enables users to down the report in a spreadsheet to be open in Microsoft Excel. This format does not include graphs or graphics, only text data in tables with headers, as appropriate. Selecting the excel formatted report is most useful when there is a need to manipulate the data within Excel. 

Word: Selecting the Word format outputs the report in Microsoft Word format. The layout of this report will look very similar to the layout in the PDF report. This report can be edited in Word once the report has been downloaded and is also suitable for printing. 

CSV (Comma Separated Values): Selecting the CSV format outputs the report in a text document with comma separated values. This is mostly used for downloading raw data from EnGage for using in a database or spreadsheet. Depending on the report selected, the report may or may not have headers describing the data. Most reports that are single lists, such as content listing of site listings will not have headers within the CSV file. Reports that are “grouped by” will have headers, grouping information and summaries within the CSV file, which is not always appropriate for raw data manipulation.