When programming with the Inter-player sync functionality, make sure the answer is "Yes" to the following questions:

□ Are all players the same firmware version?

□ Are all players connecting on the same subnet?

□ Is Hive enabled in the Site Settings assignment?

□ Do all players share the same hive tag in the Site Settings assignment?

□ Is only one player enabled to be the hive master in the Site Settings assignment?

□ Are inter-player sync tags applied to tracks in the Program?

□ Are you using a Timetable?

Notes and Limitations:

  • Once all synchronized players boot up it will take some time before the hive master is negotiated and they all call into the same synchronization pattern. The synchronization will not begin immediately.
  • Synchronizing content with different durations may cause some content playback to get cut off from the synchronization pulses.
  • Flash will not synchronize well. Flash playback puts priority on playing all frames and doesn't attempt to play in real-time. The synchronization will quickly drift and will be noticeable across players.
  • Do not attempt to synchronize audio. Human ears are very good at noticing synchronization differences across players. Attempting to synchronize audio will cause a very noticeable "echo" effect . If audio is required, use only the audio from one player.
  • Since the inter-player synchronization uses the LAN to broadcast synchronization pulses, a network with heavy traffic could cause synchronization problems. In these cases, a VLAN should be used to isolate player broadcast traffic from other devices on the network.

UDP Frame Level Sync is no longer supported by EnGage Player 9.0.0 and later