Navigate to the Reports tab. Under the Create sub-tab, you will see the following report categories: Campaign, Dynamic Content, Operations, Player, Playlogs, Program Content, and Site (Articles about these categories can be found under Proof-of-Play solutions

Select a report and edit the report Settings. For example, if you were to run a Single Program Content Summary report as shown in the screenshot below, edit the following settings:

Name (Choose a unique name for your report)

Output Format (PDF or CSV)

Delete After (EnGage removes the report after one week, one month, or keeps the report forever)

Schedule (Run your report immediately or schedule EnGage to run the report automatically) 

From (Playback date range start date)

To (Playback date range end date)

Content (Select the Program Content asset to be captured in the report)

Click the Run Report button to run your report immediately.

Click the Save Report to add your report and settings to the Create tab for future use (Note that you still must click Run Report to run the report)

The In Progress tab shows reports currently being processed by EnGage. Please be aware that processing time is dependent upon the amount of data being generated for the report. For example, a wide date range will take significantly longer to process than a short date range.

The report will move from In Progress to the Completed tab when EnGage finishes generating the report. You can download your report here.

The History tab shows past activity in Reports.