A user is any person who has access to EnGage. Each user is assigned a user role. These roles are given individual permissions which allow the user functional access to EnGage. A role can be considered a group of permissions that effectively define the role, but it can also be a function of a particular user within a multi-user signage network. The roles are designed to be related to common functional user roles within a multi-user network such as content manager, content approval manager, or network manager.

For example, the Report Viewer role can be created to enable a specific user to log into EnGage and view reports with restricted access to only the reporting functionality. Whereas, the Content Manager can only access functionality directly related to content, not network related settings.

API User - Full access to all the functionality within the EnGage API. This role does NOT have login permission to the EnGage user interface.

Campaign Admin - Can view and modify campaigns and view content.

Campaign Viewer - Can view campaigns but cannot make changes to campaigns.

Content Admin - Has full read/write control of content and content related activities, but cannot make changes to non-content related EnGage functionality.

Content Approver - Can view and approve content only. Only applies if your account is using the content approval system.

Content Editor - Can contribute content and create widgets but cannot make any changes to content or view other EnGage functionality.

Content Publisher - Can view and publish content only. This role will not apply if you account is using auto publishing.

Content Viewer - Can only view content and no access other EnGage functionality.

Font Admin - Read/write control of OnSite fonts.

Installer - Read/write control of Players and Sites. Can only view Content.

Network Admin - Full account read and write access.

Network Admin (No TT Publish) - Full account read and write access minus the ability to publish Timetables. Can still view and edit Timetables.

Network Viewer - Can view everything a Network Admin can view but does not have read/write access.

OnSite Admin - Full access to OnSite, including the Admin portal. Requires Font Admin role to edit Fonts.

OnSite Approver - Can login and approve OnSite messages.

Onsite Media - Full access to Media. Can schedule and publish Media.

Onsite Message - Full access to Messages. Can schedule and publish Messages.

OnSite Viewer - Can login to OnSite and view, but does not have read/write access.

OSM Admin - Can login, use and administer OSM.

OSM User - Can login and use OSM.

Player Admin - Can view and modify players and player related functionality.

Player Manager - Can view and modify players and player related functionality (legacy).

Player Publisher - Can publish entities to players.

Player Viewer - Can view players and player related functionality but cannot make changes.

Report Admin - Can create and view all reports.

Report Viewer - Can view all reports.

Site Admin - Can view and modify site related functionality.

Site Manager - Can view and modify site related functionality (legacy).

Site Publisher - Can publish entities assigned to sites.

Site Viewer - Can view sites and site related functionality but cannot modify sites.

Timetable Manager - Can view and modify timetables (legacy).

User Group Editor - Can view and modify User Groups

VOD User - Can login and use the Video On Demand mobile interface