A Command Schedule can be used to schedule the screen to turn off and on. A Panel Off command will tell the player to halt playback, resulting in a dark screen. A Panel On command will tell the player to resume playback. If you are using RS-232 control, these commands will put the screen into standby/wake up as well.

In the EnGage Management tab, create a new Command Schedule. 

Name your Command Schedule and add a Day column.

Expand the "Default Commands" folder, then the "Panel" folder. Click & drag a "Panel On" command into the day column. 

Set the time of day that the screen should turn on. We recommend setting the Playback Option to "restart", to allow your program to restart from the beginning when the screen turns back on.

Repeat these steps for the Panel Off command. 

If you wish to create schedules for different days, add additional Day columns as needed and click the Settings button to change the type of day for that column.

Save your changes and exit.

Navigate to the Sites tab and assign the Command Schedule to the desired site, then publish the Command Schedule assignment.