EnGage is built on top of an object-oriented system comprised of various entities. The primary entities include:

Sites – the physical location in which a player is located. A site is a combination of screens (displays) and a player.

Players – the actual player.

Content – a generic content object (e.g. audio, video, still images, playlists, widgets, commands).

Layouts – a screen layout of zones in which content plays.

Playlists – a reusable collection of content organized into a specific sequence.

Program – a component that maps content or playlists to zones on a screen.

Timetable – the object which schedules when a program will play.

Campaigns – a time-bound targeting of content to specific players.

User – users of the system, each of which has a role.

User roles – a group of permissions assigned to a user which defines their access to EnGage.