When organizing the content within your EnGage account, follow these tips for ease of use and navigation.

1.)  Understand the difference between Program Content and Dynamic Content.  All content should be initially uploaded into the 'Program Content' area and then if needed, depending on your programming needs, transferred into 'Dynamic Content'.  Refer to the use of Dynamic Content section of training.  

Note: All content, whether it be jpgs, video files or widgets will always be located with in the Program Content tab.

2.) Understand 'Program Content' task bar icons.  

Refer to task bar icons below from left to right: 

1.) Add new folder

2.) Refresh/Reload 

3.) Pencil/Paper - Edit folder or file name

4.) Remove content or folder

5.) Content transfer - use to transfer content from Program Content Folder to Dynamic Content Folder

6.) View content in default view

7). Search for content by name

3.) Create folders and sub folders to organize content, see here for an example by date and content types such as widgets.  To add a folder, click the yellow folder icon with the green plus sign located in the 'Program Content task' bar.

4.) Remove content that is no longer needed by clicking the red X icon in the 'Program Content' task bar.  If you do not wish to delete content from the account, create an archive folder seen below.

5.)  Content can be moved to other folders by clicking and dragging the file to the desired location.  When clicking and dragging content into a different folder location, you will be prompted to select to either copy the file or move the file.  

Note: Copying files allows you to create multiple versions of a file without having to re-upload the same file, saving you time.

6.)  Name folders and files that multiple users within your account can clearly understand and locate, perhaps by date or even programming cycle. 

When managing content within EnGage it is important to name the Folders and sub-folder with appropriate names so other users can easily navigate the content tree when looking for content. Content file names should also have relevant names. 

NOTE: Using only numbers for folder or file names is not a good practice and should be avoided. 

Every Network will have a different folder and sub-folder structure depending on the nature of the content. Be sure to take advantage of the sub-folders to reduce having too many files in the same folder. In some cases, using a date relevant to content is a helpful way to organize content. Files and folder can be renamed within the content tree without any adverse affects to the content programming. 


7.) Use the Overview tab as reference to understand the details of a file.  Refer below to file type, duration, media size and creation date.  Use the blue download link to the right under the jpg thumbnail to download the jpg from EnGage onto your computer.  This can be done for all content with the exception of widgets.