Publishing is a term within EnGage that refers to the user giving the permission for a specific piece of content to be used for programming.  If content is not published, then it is not available for use, but will remain within your content library.

Upon EnGage account creation, a setting can be enabled to have all content automatically to published, freeing the user of having to manually publish content after an upload.  This preference needs to be enabled at the begin of the account creation process.

Refer to the Publish Status of a piece of content located in the Overview tab.  If marked 'Not Published', then the file is not ready for use.  To publish the content, click the publish button seen below.  

After publishing the content, the status will change to 'Published'.

Note: Any changes to a file, such as Play Duration, will require a re-publish of the content.  Always refer to the Publish Status to infer whether or not you will need to republish to ensure the latest file you were working on is ready for programming use.