To edit a program, go to the Studio tab, then the sub tab Programs within your EnGage account.  Locate the program you would like to edit.

When editing a program that is live and in use at a site, best practice calls for the copy function.  Create a copy of a program to be used for editing by clicking and dragging the program to desired folder.  When the dragged program is sent to a folder location, you will be prompted to either move or copy the program. Click copy and an identical version of the program will be created for use. Rename accordingly and continue with the editing process.

Note:  If you are unsure of the program name you want to edit, refer to Creating a Timetable solution, as Timetables are what hold programs on your players and could better help you identify the program you are looking for.

Select the program, and when highlighted blue, either right click to edit, or click the pencil and paper icon located in the Program task bar.

Add content by dragging files from the content tab. Remove content by bulk selecting (click a series of tracks holding down the Shift button on your keyboard) and clicking the red X's in the tool bar. Delete a single track by clicking the gray gear next to the track and choose the delete option.

Note: Track refers to the content location within the program.  For example, see above "Training green.jpg" is located in track 1. and the yellow.jpg is located in track 3.

Move the order in which content plays within your program by clicking and dragging tracks into desired position.

To change the layout of your program, go to the Screen Layout icon located in the Program Designer to select a screen layout and click apply. Seen above as second to left.

Note: Custom screen layouts can be created in the Studio, Screen Layouts tab.  Refer to How to Create a Layout solution.

To delete a program no longer in use, select the program and click the red X located in the Programs task bar.