All programs within your EnGage account are placed within timetables.  Timetables are published directly to the sites within your account.

To create a Timetable, go to the Studio tab and sub-tab Timetables.  EnGage will have a stock Default Folder of Timetables within your account.  When first creating timetables, best practice calls for adding a new timetable folder.  To add a new folder to keep your timetables organized, select the purple Timetables folder and then click the 'Add a New Folder' icon in the Timetables task bar.  You will be prompted to rename the new folder.

Name your new timetable folder and click the add a new timetable icon in the Timetable task bar seen here as a white grid with a green plus sign.  You will be prompted to name the new timetable.  Click OK.

Click and drag a program from the Template Designer sub-tab Programs.  There, all programs you have created in the Studio, Programs tab will be available for use.  Click and drag to program to the timetable.  

Multiple programs can day-parted throughout the day.  Click the blue down arrow button located bottom right on the program dragged into Day 1 if you wish to have on program play throughout the day.  Add multiple multiple programs to the Day 1 timetable using the time-stamps running vertically along the timetable highlighted in yellow to determine what hours of the day you want a particular program to play.

See below example of day-parting with multiple programs.

Timetables can play program content based on the following constraints: Generic/ Rotating Day, Week Days, Month Days, Specific Dates, or Date Range.  To add a new day to your timetable, click the icon seen below in task bar.  To apply a constraint, for example a future month start date, click the gray gear icon located at the top of the new timetable.  Click OK to apply the constraint.

Once you have chosen a constraint, seen here as Jan 04, 2013, it will appear at the top of your new timetable day.  Drag the program you wish to play into that timetable and click the floppy disk located in the Timetable task bar to save.