Timetables can be assigned and published to multiple sites, depending on which node level is selected.  Below, the 'New York, NY' node level was chosen, so all sites below it, Floor 601 and Floor 900 will inherit the timetable from above.  This cascading inheritance of timetables, allows a user to apply a timetable to multiple sites at one time, saving the user from having to go through an entire network and publishing at each site level.

Begin by clicking the 'Assignments' tab to the right and click the 'Assign' button located at the bottom of the window.  Select the timetable.

Once the timetable has been selected, EnGage will display a light yellow window to the right showing the name and a last updated time stamp.  Within that box, choose to either immediately publish the timetable by clicking the 'Publish' button, or choose the 'Schedule Publish' button to push the timetable to a site or group of sites at a later time/date.

Note: When a timetable is published a site's bandwidth will be used to download content to that site's player.  The schedule publish option is used to choose off peak hours at a site for a publish avoiding the usage of a site's bandwidth.  Additionally, use the schedule publish tool to have sites download a new timetable automatically without having to manual publish.  For example a user could schedule a new timetable to be published at the 1rst of a new month.

To schedule a publish.  Click the 'Schedule Publish' button located within the light yellow window.


Enter specific date and time of publish.  Specify the Time Option as either company time, the timezone in which the user is located or site time from drop down.  Click OK.

Within the assignments tab, the scheduled publish details can be viewed at the bottom of the assignments tab, see below.