The term commissioning refers to the processes of getting a player up and running for the first time, making sure that it’s connecting to the system and all the functionally of the player is in working order to complete the installation. Aside from the business processes of having a new player installed, EnGage has a built–in commission process for making sure the player is connecting and is authorized to be connecting to EnGage. 

When a player is assigned to a site, the "Commission" button must be clicked on before the EnGage player will be allowed to connect to EnGage.

There are two commissioning methods, simple commissioning and approved commissioning. With simple commissioning, the player will automatically step through the commissioning process once commissioned. Approved commissioning requires the users "approval" for the commissioning, by clicking on the "Approve" butto once the "Commission" button has be clicked and the player has connected for the first time.