All data feeds whether they're RSS, Media RSS, Facebook or Twitter all use the same mechanism within EnGage. The EnGage data feed system will pull the feed for the set URL (location) and distribute the feed to the player back on the Content Widget. The Content Widget is used to display the feed, while the data feed "engine" is responsible for pulling and distributing the feed. The data feed must be set up first.

Adding a Data Feed

Data feeds types are organized by folders based on the feed types. Click on the folder feed type in which the feed should be created and then click the “Add” button.
Type in a name for the data feed into the field labeled “Feed Name”. Continue by adding the remaining options into the feed.  All data feeds will have the same “Common” options, however the “Feed Parameters” will vary depending on the feed type.

Testing the Data Feed

Click on the “Test” button on a data feed to see an example of the data that will be pulled. The test button does not evaluate the suitability of the data feed only that the feed can be accessed and that something is returned. Please be sure to check the feed to make sure it is suitable for digital signage applications.