Content files can be have "rules" applied to constrain when it can be played. By default, any content added to a program, playlist, dynamic track or campaign will playback according to the timetable schedule. However, the content files can have constrains applied to only allow it to playback a certain days or times.

NOTE: Content widgets cannot have playback constraints. The playback constraints can only be applied to video, images flash, and audio content.

Content can be restricted to playback according to:

  1. Date range (March 1st to March 15th)
  2. Day of week (Monday, Tuesday)
  3. Time of day (8pm to 12am)

The playback constraints can be combined to have content playback only at specifics times or days. For example a combination of constraints can be added to restrict play to Mondays, between 8pm and 12am, between the dates of March 1st and March 15th. 

How to apply content rules:

Step 1) Select a content file from the content library. Click on the "Edit" button.

Step 2) Select the "Rules" tab and enter the required playback constraint rules. The rules can be combined.

Step 3) Click the "OK" to save playback rules. Keep in mind, the content files need to be added to a program, playlist, dynamic track or campaign in order to ever playback.