A Playlist groups multiple content assets and can be placed into the Program as single set for playback within your Program.

Navigate to the Studio tab, then the Playlists sub tab, and click the "create a new playlist" button in the tool bar.


Next you will name your Playlist, choose whether it plays tracks in order or at random, and whether it will be continuous (Continuous means that the Playlist will resume playing at the last-played location in the list the next time the Playlist is encountered in the playback of the Program)

Build your Playlist by dragging content assets from your Content library on the left to the track list on the right.  Remember to save your changes by clicking the "save" button (Diskette icon)

Once saved, you must publish the Playlist in order to use it.  Click the "publish" button in the Playlist task tool bar.  The Playlist is now ready to be placed within a Program.

Any time you update your Playlist in the future, remember to click the "publish" button to publish these changes.

Navigate to the Programs tab and edit your Program. While editing the Program, click the Playlists folder tab to view your Playlist library.  Drag the Playlist over to the desired location within the Program track list.