A Playlist can group together multiple files or widgets and be placed into a program as single set.  For example, if you have multiple sites that will always have the same selection of content playing with the addition of site specific content, a playlist can be a quick and easy way to program a set of files together.

Begin by going to the Studio tab and click the create a new playlist icon in the tool bar.  Name the Playlist and choose style. 

Note: There are two styles to choose from:

  • Widget Style allows for playlists to be updated without have to republish the timetable at a site or sites
  • Legacy Style requires a timetable republish at a site or sites after an edit or addition is made to the playlist

Keep remaining settings as is and click the OK button.

Build your playlist by dragging content from the content tab in left to the playlist editor on the right.  Click the floppy disk icon to save and close the window.

Once saved, you must publish the playlist in order to use it within your programming.  Click the publish button in the Playlist task tool bar.  The playlist is now ready to be placed within a program.  Click the Programs tab.

While editing the program, click the Playlists tab to view the playlist we created.  Drag it over into desired location within the program and save.