When building a campaign, first create a campaign track widget.  Refer to Adding a Campaign Widget.  Next, go to the Campaigns tab within EnGage.

  • Click the Pending Campaigns folder.
  • Click the Campaign icon with the green plus sign to create new campaign.
  • Name the campaign.
  • Drag the tag associated with the Campaign widget created prior.
  • Set a start and end date.
  • Click Next.

The next tab is Step 2: 'Where'.  Here choose either a specific site you want this campaign to play or multiple sites.  Additionally, if a group of sites are organized by a filter, use the Filter Selection tab.  Drag and drop the locations into the Selections window.  Set the campaign weighting to 1.

Click Next.

Step 3: 'What', is where we choose the files we want to play.  Click the content either from the direct selection or filter selection tab and drag to the Selections window.  Choose a play mode, either rotational or random.

Note: If you do not see the content you are looking for, remember that only dynamic content can be selected in campaigns.  Transfer Program Content to the Dynamic Content Folder within the Content tab of EnGage.  Refer to the Copying/Transferring Program Content into Dynamic Content solution.

Skip to Step 5 -'Review & Save'.  Review the campaign details and click Save.

Once your campaign is created.  It will remain in the Pending Campaigns folder until EnGage confirms it and moves it into the Running Campaigns folder.

Place the campaign track widget stored in the Content/Program Content tab into a program.