First, please refer to the Adding a Widget solution.  Choose the Media RSS Widget and click the continue button.

Name the Media RSS Widget and click OK.  Next, create a filter for this feed in the Management tab.

Within the Managment tab, go to the feeds sub-tab.  Click the Media RSS folder and add a new feed by clicking the green plus sign  icon in the tool bar. 

Name the feed and paste the Media RSS URL into the feed parameter. Click Save.

Next, test the feed by clicking the Test button.  Review the Media RSS content generated in the test field area.

Go back to the Program Content folder and edit the RSS Media Widget we had created.  Choose the appropriate feed in the Media RSS Feed dropdown.  Select desired widget settings in the General tab. Click OK.

Place Media RSS widget into a zone within your program.  See terms listed below.

RSS Media Editing Terms:

Name - The name of the widget. This is the name that will be shown in the content tab for this widget.
Image Duration - If the Media RSS feed contains images, the “Image Duration” will define how long each image will stay on the screen.

Number of Articles - Sets the number of articles (pieces of media) that will be played back from the feed. If the total number of articles supplied in the feed is less than the set “Number of Articles”, the amount of supplied articles will be used.

Continuous - If this option is enabled, the Media RSS widget when played on the player will start playing the next article in the feed based on what was previously played the last time the widget was played. Having this option disabled will force the player to start playing the first article in the feed every time the widget is played on the player.