Tags are used to select Dynamic Content that will play in a specific track within a program. These tags match the content that is to be displayed on the screen. To learn more about dynamic content please refer to the What is a Dynamic Track solution. 

The Dynamic Track mechanism matches content based on a set of tags. The Dynamic Track has a set of one or more tags. All Dynamic Content has a set of tags: Content, Attractor, and Repulser. The tags are accessed through the Tag tab on the Content Editor. Content tags are used to match Dynamic Tracks. If there is a match between the Track and the Content, there is a chance that the Content will play in the Dynamic Track slot.

Refer to Adding a Campaign Widget and Adding a Dynamic Track Widget solutions.

Within the Management tab, see the Tags section where tags are organized by dynamic track widget tags and campaign tags.

To add a tag, specify type and then click the green plus sign icon to create a new tag.

To delete a tag, click the red X icon.

Learn more about the tags within your account by clicking on the tag and seeing the Usages information in the Details window.

Best practice calls for close monitoring of tags.  A network may become cluttered with unused tags. Also, when deleting tags, be sure to "un-tag" content or widgets before deleting from your EnGage account.