Each site will have a set of tabs which display information about a site.

The assignments tab reflects all components that have been assigned to that particular site.  They include:

  1. Timetable - The timetable assigned and publish to a site playing content.
  2. Site Settings - Information on a site level, such as location and time zone
  3. Screen Settings - Information regarding the panel used for a site and details such as screen orientation
  4. Connection Schedule - This schedule is assigned to a site to apply a specific time period for a player to download content.  Use the connection schedule to restrict bandwidth being used at certain hours of the day.
  5. Command Schedule - The schedules are built in the Management tab and tell a site's player when the panel should turn on and off.
  6. Connection Settings, Site Network Settings and Player Variables -These settings are created and assigned upon the creation of the account usually internally by the ComQi team based on a company's network settings.

There are four buttons to control the assignments: View, Assign, Clear and Edit.

View - Review the current assignment

Assign - Change the assignment and apply a new one

Clear - Frequently used to remove an assignment that is assigned on a site level so the site can inherit an assignment from a hierarchy node level.  Refer to the Hierarchy solution to learn more about inheritance from higher node levels.

Edit - Edit the current settings assigned.

Note: All changes made within the assignments tab needs to be saved and published to go into effect.