Programs that have multiple zones may look best with the addition of an overlay.  An overlay is a file that creates borders around content within a program.  See two examples below.  

To incorporate an overlay in your program, go to the Studio tab and then the sub tab Screen Layouts.  Refer to the How to Create a Layout to place zones within the layout.  Click a program and click the edit button.  Refer to the Applying a Screen Layout to a Program to apply the new overlay screen layout you created.

Once the overlay screen layout has been applied to the program, correlate the zone labels to the diagram seen in the bottom left.  The Visual Zones viewer shows a thumbnail of where the zones and the content within them will display on the screen.  

Below, we see Zone A is full screen, and this is where we want to place out overlay png.  Zones B, C, and D are areas where content will be playing. Click to save the program.

Note: Applying a new screen layout calls for a republish of the timetable to a site/s.