View up to the minute recent play logs for a site by choosing the site, clicking the logs button and the sub tab Recent Plays.

Here, each track is documented with a time stamp, content ID, file location, and duration.  Viewing the recent play logs can be used for troubleshooting to ensure a particular file in the field is playing properly. 

Best practice for monitoring recent plays, calls for checking files playing at proper duration.  Red flags are content durations that seem odd in comparison to your programming, such as.01 seconds or 2,000 seconds for simple short tracks within your program.  Also, content may stop playing all together, so checking that the time-stamp is up to date is important.

The recent play logs lists content as links to their location with the Program Content tab. Click a file name to be directed to its location.

See above All Folders/Training/ Copy of blue.jpg.  When clicked, you will be brought to the location below.