To view a live screen's playback in the field in real-time on a test player in your lab, use the mirroring tool.  Playback on your screen will be exactly the same as the site you mirror, which may help with testing and troubleshooting.

Begin by clicking the site you want to use for testing.  Choose your lab site and click the edit button within the Site Information window found within the Overview tab.  Choose Mirror Site in the drop down for the Site Type, as seen above.

Next, you will need to specify which site you want to mirror.  In the assigned site section, click the Assign Site button and choose the site's screen you want to view on your lab screen.  Click Save when completed.

After clicking Save, EnGage will prompt you with the warning seen below.  Click yes if ready to mirror.

To complete the mirroring, you must commission the site and then click approve.

Give your player a few minutes to adjust and download content.  Your test site will begin to display the mirrored site's playback for review.

To remove the mirror capability, go back to site settings and choose 'standard site' for site type.