To view what content is on a player, click the site, and then the Content tab.  In the light blue header, you will see the total file size downloaded to the player.

The file names, size and their status are listed.  Click on any of these file names and you will be directed to their location with the Program Content tab.  

One of the most useful tools for troubleshooting is understanding the status of content on a player.  There are three different statuses you will see when checking files on a player.

  • Unconfirmed - This is usually seen when a timetable has recently been published and the player begins the downloading process.  After the player has "checked" what content it needs to download, the status will change to Awaiting Download
  • Awaiting Download - This status refers to content that will download once the player has an open connection.  Some players have restricted download times in order to avoid use of site bandwidth during the daytime.  Once the player has an open connection, the files listed with 'Awaiting Download' will start downloading automatically.
  • Available for Playback - This status refers to files that have downloaded to the player successfully and will play when programmed to do so.

If a timetable was recently published to a site, you can check the status of the download process by clicking the Logs button within the Site Status window.  See below content starting to download and then completing.

Once content has downloaded, the status on all files will be 'Available for Playback'.