The attachment tab is used for attaching files and notes to a site. Attachments can be any file type including documents, images and videos. The attachments uploaded to the site are only for reference and operational purposes. 

The attachments cannot be programmed to play back on the screen at the sites. Any user with access edit access to the site can upload or delete attachments. 

  • To add an attachment, click the “Attach” button, select the local file and click the “Upload” button. 
  • To view an attachment, click on the file name link. This will enable users to download and view the file. 
  • To delete an attachment, click on the Red “X” icon to the right of the attachment. 
  • To replace a file, download the existing attachment, delete the attachment and upload the attachment again after it is edited.

Note: Uploading a file with the same name as previously uploaded will not overwrite the existing attachment. There will be two files with the same name. 

Site Notes: The notes are all for operational purposes only. When a note is created, only the creator can delete the note. Any comments added to the notes can only be deleted by the user who created the original note. To delete a note, click on the red “X” icon. Click on the “Add” button to add a new note