Site Status
The player status section shows a summary of the system state of the player made up of the health status, connection status commission status, operational status and panel status.

Site Information
This information lists the features and details about the site. This section enables users to edit the site settings and set location information about the site for mapping purposes.

Assigned Player
Shows if a player is assigned to the site. If a player is assigned, it will show the assigned player and the details about the assigned player. Edit Button: Allows you to change player details. 

Note: you cannot change the MAC address of a player once it has been commissioned. 

Change Button: Enables you to swap the assigned player with another player. Changing the player will require you to re-commission that player. 
Unassigned Button: Unassigns the player from the site. A new player can then be assigned to a Site. Assigning a new player will require that the player