Just because a screen arrangement and programming is possible does not guarantee that the player will be able to play the content with the desired quality. The player is limited to playback quality based on the hardware resource. 

Multiple output players are specialized and generally have much faster CPUs, much more RAM and higher end videos chipsets then single output EnGage players. However, they are still limited to hardware resources available to them. Playing individual 1080p content on each screen may be possible to program, but may not play back at the desired quality. 

Note: Test all content and programming on a test setup prior to deploying the content to the field.

Content play back spanning multiple screens causes more strain on hardware resource then having individual videos play back on individual screens.

Each video playback can take advantage of a CPU core. Having more videos play then CPU cores available puts heavier strain on hardware resources.

Screens can only be arranged in a landscape or portrait orientation. 

Note: Screens arranged at an angled (diagonal) are not currently supported. To achieve this setup, create the arrangement using standard landscape and portrait arrangements and have the content rotated to the desired angle during the content production/creation.

Using any one screen in a portrait orientation may have a significant performance impact on the player reducing the overall playback quality.