When creating a multiple screen layout, open a new layout in the EnGage Studio tab. Click on the Studio tab, then the layout tab.  Create a new layout and select the “Custom Multiple Screens” option.

Enter the height/width details using the same canvas size as the screen arrangement.

Take advantage of the layout stencil by clicking on the “Arrangement Stencil” button. 

Select the screen arrangement that was created in the previous solution, Calculating Your Canvas Size and Creating a Screen Arrangement.  The screen arrangement can then be used as a stencil to create your layout. The screen location coordinates and dimensions will be shown in each screen within the stencil. 

Creating a zone over the entire canvas will create what is known as a “video wall” where a single video will span all of the screens.  Creating individual zones over each screen will enable you to create a playlist per screens.  

Try taking advantage of the “Full Screen” command in the program editor to switch between content playing on individual screens to content playing across all screens. Creating zones that cover some of the screens will enable users to have content play over some of the screens and that content may be synchronized with other layout zones covering the other screens. 

Be sure to add the zones in the order in which you would like them to appear in the Program editor. The first zone added will be zone A, second zone B, etc.