Programming content to span some of the screens uses similar program method as Scenario 2: Different Content Assets Playing on Each Screen and Scenario 3: The Same Content Asset Playing on Each Screen, except there will be fewer programming zones. If the content different in each zone, please refer to Scenario 2. If the content is the same in each zone, refer to Scenario 3.

Be sure to use the synchronization commands if the content should change at the same time between zones. Details about synchronizing zones are also covered in Scenarios 2 and 3. 

Zones that span some of the screens are usually a non-standard aspect ratio.  By default, any content placed into the programming for these zones will be automatically scaled to fit the zone.  To avoid having the content stretched (as in the example below), the content should be made to the same aspect ratio of the zone.  If the content is made at the same aspect ratio, when the player scales the content (if required to fit the zone) the content will not appear to be stretched.

Similar to the other programming scenarios, use the “Full Screen” commands to switch between a layout that spans some screens to playing content that spans all screens.