EnGage normally supports a single screen layout and jumping to full screen playback (which is spanning all screens) within a Program. Changing the layout during the playback of a program involves modifying the zones on-the-fly using program commands.  However, layout changes can also be achieved through scheduling multiple programs in the timetable with references to different layouts.

Layout Changes during Playback

By default, EnGage programs only support a single layout but can take advantage of the “Full Screen” command.  To change the layout from one multiple zone layout to another multiple zone layout, in the middle of the program playback, the “Modify Zone Layout” must be used.

For each zone that needs to be modified, add a “Modify Zone Layout” command. Within the command, select the zone index letter and the new desired coordinates of the zone. All coordinates should be set within the size of the canvas. Setting coordinates outside the canvas will have unpredictable results.  To modify multiple zones, add a “Modify Zone Layout” command for each zone.  All zones will maintain the z-order which was applied when creating the layout.  The z-order cannot be changed in the program during playback. 

To temporarily remove a zone, add a “Modify Zone Layout” command, select the index of the zone and set the zone coordinates all to zero. This will move the zone to position zero/zero and shrink the zone to zero height and zero width, effectively hiding the zone. Repeat this command for all zones which are to be hidden.

Although the zones have been modified, content will still be playing in these zones. Be sure to use the “Pause” command to pause the playback in the desired zones and setting the index on the zone which should be paused. This will avoid putting unnecessary strain on the player hardware resource and will also avoid adding content plays to the audit logs while the content cannot be see on the screen.

It’s recommended that all the “Modify Zone Layout” and “Pause” commands be set in the same zone and all added sequentially to avoid layout change artifacts on the screen during playback. The player will attempt to execute all the commands as quickly as possible.  Use the “Restore Zones” command to revert the layout back to the originally set layout for the program. 

Note: Using the “Restore Zone” command without a “Full Screen” command may result in a warning when publishing within EnGage. This is known issue that will be fixed in a subsequent release.


Printing out the original layout dimensions may be helpful throughout the process of adding the “Modify Zone Layout” commands for reference purposes. Click on the “[Print]” link under the “List View” in the Studio->Layout section of EnGage for a printable view of the layout.