The physical installation of the multiple screens will heavily depend on the scenario and the environment however here are some are tips that may be helpful.

  • Label all the video cables corresponding to the order of the video outputs.  After cables are run through a wall or conduit, it may be difficult to determine which cable is connected to which video output.
  • Each screen will require a power outlet. Make sure there are enough power outlets and enough power (amperage) to power all the screens and video extenders, if required.
  • The screens may need to be calibrated to have the same screen settings such as brightness, contrast, color, hue, etc. How to calibrate the screens is not within the scope of this guide.
  • If the Engage multiple output player is not physically mount in a close proximity to the screens the use of video extenders can be used such as the ComQi DS Vision 3000. 

Video Connection Order

Depending on the model of the EnGage player, the video connectors on the back of the player will have a specific order.  When the screen arrangement is created this will determine which screen in the arrangement is mapped to the physical video outputs on the player.  Set the index on the screens in the screen arrangement tool to change the mapping. 

Due to the content programming and physical arrangement of the screens, some trial and error may be required to get the screen properly connected. Be sure the label all the cables once the screens have been properly connected to the player.