USB key update instructions: Wireless Network Settings

How to connect a wireless media player to a WiFi network

To connect a wireless media player to the internet, a configuration file must be read by the media player. The wifi config must also be set within the Content Management System so there are no conflicts. Please provide the wifi network SSID, password, security type (WPA or WEP) to ComQi Customer Support and we'll add the config to the Content Management System. To add the config to the media player, follow the steps below.

1. Download the attached .zip file to your computer

2. Extract the zip to an empty USB thumb drive. The contents of the zip must not be within a parent folder; extract directly to the root of the thumb drive. If the player cannot read, the update will fail.

The drive must look like this:


3. In the conf folder, edit the "default.sitenetwork" file with a text editor like Notepad.

4. Edit only the highlighted areas and add your wifi network credentials:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<java version="1.6.0_33" class="java.beans.XMLDecoder">
<object class="com.enqii.ngrt.common.sitenetwork.SiteNetworkConfiguration">
<void property="hardwareTypeID">
<void property="networkID">
<void property="networkName">
<void property="wirelessKey1">
<void property="wirelessMode">
<void property="wirelessSSID">

Wireless Modes:

The “Wireless Mode” setting in the configuration file sets the wireless encryption type. Use the following modes for the desired encryption type.

1 = NONE
2 = WEP
3 = WPA or WPA2


5. Save changes to the file

6. Insert the USB key into the media player and fully power cycle the player. When the player boots up, it will copy the network configuration file off the USB key onto the player. Look for the confirmation message on screen "Performing USB Update....USB Update Complete"

7. Once the player has fully booted, the USB key can be removed from the player. The player will use the applied wireless settings to connect to local wireless network and to EnGage.

8. Please remember to send ComQi Customer Support the wifi credentials so we can update the settings on our system to avoid network setting conflicts.


If the media player fails to connect:

Test the WiFi network by connecting another device such as a laptop to the WiFi. If the laptop fails to connect then the issue points to the WiFi network, not the player.

If the laptop succeeds in connecting to the WiFi network, double-check your USB thumb drive by repeating Steps 2-5 above. The files in the thumb drive must look like the screenshot in Step 2. In Step 4 take care that the SSID is added under "wirelessSSID", and not "networkNAME".

Repeat Step 6. Look for the confirmation message on screen "Performing USB Update....USB Update Complete" If you do not see this message, then the USB update failed. If the USB update failed, repeat Step 2 and ensure that your thumb drive looks like the above screenshot.

If the USB update was successful, leave the player powered on and allow it time to connect to the WiFi network. Some players/networks take longer to establish connection than expected.