USB key update instructions: Static IP Site Network Settings

How to configure an EnGage player to connect to a Static IP address


Static IP Site Network Settings .zip file (Attached)

USB thumb drive

PC or laptop


1. Download the attached .zip file 

2. Plug the USB thumb drive into your computer and make sure it is empty and formatted FAT32.

3. The .zip file must be extracted onto the thumb drive, not simply moved or copied. This can be accomplished one of two ways:


    a) As you extract the .zip, select the USB thumb drive as the destination path.


b) Place the .zip in the thumb drive and select “extract here”. (Remove the .zip file once extracted)

Your thumb drive must look like this:

4. In the Conf folder, edit the default.sitenetwork file with a text editor such as Word Pad or Note Pad.

5. Add the required addresses to the file, as shown in the example screenshot below:

6. Save your changes to this file

7. Move the thumb drive from your computer to an available USB port on the media player.

8. Power on or reboot the player. As the player boots up, look for a message on screen that confirms the update was successful: “Performing USB update…USB update complete” Note: This message will appear and disappear quickly.

9. Remove the thumb drive once you have seen this message.


1. If the USB update fails, repeat the process and watch for the on-screen confirmation message mentioned in step 5.

2. Try a different USB port on the media player.

3. Double-check that the thumb drive is prepared correctly (Steps 2 & 3 above).

4. Double-check that the IP addresses are correct

5. Some USB thumb drives may not be compatible with the media player. If the process continually fails, try a different thumb drive.