There are a number of potential causes of a dark screen. The reason for content failing to display on screen could be due to:

Use a method of isolating potential causes to help pin-point the cause of the issue (For example: if you can determine that the media player and video cable are both working, then the issue points to the screen) This will help narrow down the potential causes and allow you to troubleshoot more efficiently.

Programming issue or publishing failure

Is content scheduled to play at this time?

In EnGage, check the content properties in the Content tab and the timetable in the Studio Tab.

In OnSite, check the playback settings in the Schedule tab.

Is the screen scheduled to be on at this time? (Refer to Screen On/Off scheduling)

Did the publish fail? Try republishing.

In EnGage, publish from the Sites/Assignments tab.

In OnSite, click Publish in the Schedule tab.

The media player

Is the player powered on?

Is the player outputting video?

Check the screen capture in EnGage or OnSite:

If the screen capture is dark, you have a programming or publishing issue (See above)

If your player isĀ running in headless mode, refer to this article.

The video cable

Is the video cable firmly plugged in to both the media player and screen?

Is the video cable working or has it failed?

Try swapping with a known working cable.

The screen

Is the screen powered on?

Is the proper input or source selected in the screen menu?

i.e., if an HDMI cable is connected to the first HDMI port, set the input to HDMI 1

If you suspect that the screen has failed, consult the manufacturer manual or website for troubleshooting steps.