Video playback may choppy or cutting off due to the following:

1.) The player needs to finish downloading all content.  Frequently, after publishing a timetable to a site/s, the player will begin to play content that has downloaded.  Playback may be choppy until all content is successfully downloaded to the player.  Check a site's content tab to see the downloading progress for the files assigned to that player.   

All files successfully downloaded to the player should be "Available for Playback".  See below.

2.) Files are not to specification.  Within you EnGage/VAR account refer to the Help section to download the Content Creation Guide PDF.  The guide provides specs for all content that is to be uploaded into your account.

EnGage provides file details when content is uploaded.  See file specs by clicking on the file, and viewing the details located within the Overview tab, see below.

3.  File duration not set properly.  Be sure to check file duration after uploading.  If a file is not playing full duration, perhaps the duration set is too short. Click the Edit button within the Overview - Content tab to adjust duration. Save and republish.

4.) Player does not have appropriate firmware. To determine whether or not your player has the most recent and correct firmware, reach out to your account's project manager at ComQi.  To view a site's player firmware, click the site and view firmware version within the Overview tab.

After addressing points 1-4, and still seeing playback issue, the cause may be a faulty player.  Work with your EnGage account's support team to troubleshoot player issues.